Nigerian Army Court-Martial Major General Otiki Over Alleged N400m Theft


Major General Hakeem Otiki is the former General Officer Commanding (GOC) 8 division. The general who is undergoing medical examination is wheeled into the command officer’s mess, which is the premises of the court marshal. Newsmen were prevented from taking close shots of him.

The panel of the court-martial, Okechukwu Adinu appears for General Otiki and allowed the General to sit throughout the trial. Lieutenant General Lamidi Adeosun is the President of the tribunal.

Five soldiers were confirmed to have stolen the money while on escort duty from Sokoto to Kaduna State in the first week of July.

The former GOC had reportedly asked the soldiers to escort the money and deliver it to a Very Important Personality (VIP) in Kaduna.

The defendant objected to General Adeosun as President of the Tribunal because he feels he will not get a fair trial under the leadership of General Adeosun.

According to him, the President of the Court Martial and the defendant have a long-standing grudge.

Lawyer to the defendant says it’s a fact that the defendant conducted several operations that were directly under the office of the President of the Court Marshal, General Adeosun which are operations that will come up during the trial making the president an interested party.

He also says that the defendant inherited the soldiers that were under the command of the President when he was in charge of division 8.

The lawyer added that as such, there is no way the soldiers and the operations and their days in the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA) will not come up in the trial.

He, therefore, asked the president to recuse himself from the trial.

Newsmen were sent out from continued hearing of the trial.

As at this time, it is not clear yet whether the President of the court marshal, Adeosun will recuse himself or continue presiding over the trial.