Former Governor, Oluwole Rotimi claims Nigerian leaders too selfish, 


A former governor of the old Western Region, Brigadier General Oluwole Rotimi (retd.),  on Monday said that he had given up hope on the present generation of political leaders in the country as a result of their selfish approach to governance.

Rotimi, who was the Chairman at the 21st Benjamin Oluwakayode Osuntokun Lecture, held at the Emeritus Professor Theophilus Ogunlesi Hall, University College Hospital, Ibadan expressed worries about the attitude of the citizens to information, adding that Nigeria is not short of people who will diagnose the causes of its problems, It is in finding solutions that the country remians lost.

Earlier in his lecture, Maj. Gen. Akintunde Akinkunmi (retd.), who was Chief Medical Officer (Reserves), Royal Army Medical Corps, British Army, stated that greed emanated from discontentment and it is intertwined with corruption, adding that the former (greed), gave birth to the latter.

He ended his address by saying, A word is sufficient for the wise, stressing the need to reintroduce the teaching of history and civic education across the country.