Apapa traffic: Coconut/Mile2 road abandoned by Contractors


AS the traffic gridlock along Tin-can to Mile-2 end of the Apapa-Oshodi expressway continues, the road reconstruction on the Coconut-Mile2 inward and outward Tin-can Port seems to have stalled in the past two months.

The contractors had, about four months ago, begun work on the failed portions of the main expressway, and promised to continue at the opposite end of the expressway after the completion.

But the Federal Controller of Works in Lagos State, Adedamola Kuti, said that the road has not been abandoned.

The main expressway of that portion of the road was resurfaced this year, though the finishing has not been done, neither has it been opened for use. The service lane which is presently being used by buses, trailers and tankers alike, is in a very bad shape with much potholes, making it impossible for road-users to move freely.

The inward end of the road has also been abandoned for more than six months now, with the traffic situation made worse by the condition of the road.

A source said that the reason for the neglect of that portion of the road may not be unconnected with the benefit some persons are enjoying from the chaotic situation of the traffic along that axis. The source said too many people are benefitting from the situation and would do anything to ensure that the situation persisted.

The source wondered why the contractors were moving from one portion to another without completing any portion.

Kuti said that he was aware that the contractors were working at the Tin-can Island end of the expressway. He, however, assured that he would check if the contractors were not